Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Young beautiful Women with very old man, you can imagine how nice it must be for such a old man havin this very beautiful young women day and night. Wow so sexy if you imagine she is wearing a white satin full slip under her red satin dress, must be very lustful for her husband. 
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Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Satin and Silk Full Slips and sexy Chemises, Nylons & High Heels

In my opinion every women should wear satin and silky full slips and this every day and night:

  I have a love affair with satin and silky Full Slips, short chemises, high heels, nylons, stockings, sexy satin panties and bra’s, corsets, sexy satin dresses, garter belts and long legged women's.

   There is something about a woman walking around the house in a silky or satiny Full Slip and high-heels, that’s what I love. A Full Slip is really the precursor to lounge wear. It is what women wore when they removed their silk or satin dresses. A Full Slip is simple glamour and reflects pure femininity. Full Slips are elegant and makes a women look much more lady- like when they wear such a satiny or silky Full Slip. For all Full Slip lovers it’s just a amazing turn on when a gorgeous lady comes in to a the bedroom and slowly start’s to rich in the back of her dress and slowly start’s to pull down the zipper of her dress and then slowly her silky or satin Full Slip start’s to show and then when her dress glides down to the floor and she is standing in the front of you just dressed in her shiny silky or satiny Full Slip with beautiful lace on the top and bottom.

   I love the femininity on a women let’s imagine there is a naked women walking in the front of me, I would look for a second or two but if there is a women walking in the front of me, wearing a nice satin or silk dress I would look much longer. If I see a women in a dress I imagine what is she probably wearing underneath her dress, is it a Full Slip, a chemise, or a garter belt with nylons?

  Today Full Slips are hard to find in many Countries. Most women just don't wear them any more because they think it’s old fashion witch is absolutely wrong. This is a pity because Full Slips are the best for dresses requiring a slip. A half slip with camisole will create a line right at the middle. However, I have this passion for Full Slips since I was a kid and I will always stick to it.

  I worked very hard to create this website for all Full Slip lovers. My members should know that I spend a lot of money all over the world to buy such beautiful Full Slips and believe me I worked thousands of hours taking pictures of all this Full Slips and other feminine lingerie. Also I am lucky that my girls feel just great to work with me and therefore love to do shootings with me in my favorite Full Slips and other lingerie. I have an inventory of about 250 silk and satin Full Slips and about 100 sexy silky and satin chemises. I get a lot of women's from all over the world asking me if they can buy my Full Slips or my satin chemises. Women's also ask for advise where they find Full Slips to buy or asking me what kind of Full Slips they should wear for themselves or how to make their partner hot.

  In my opinion a Full Slip will always remain that symbol of femininity and since Full Slips are my big passion I have taken in the past 3 years approximately between 150.000 and 190.000 pictures and about 500 hours of sexy Full Slip movies witch I plan to place on the website in about 4 to 5 month.

  I just hope all of you Full Slips lovers appreciate my work and effort to make you all happy. Now please enjoy my Full Slips gallery and more beautiful and sexy lingerie and chemises.